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SS Lotion

SS Lotion


Completes the ultimate gold skin care experience: SS Lotion provides full moisture and firmness for various skin conditions. It contains the richest ingredients to nourish and protect your skin from aging. - 35ml

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  • Details

    SS Lotion works perfectly with SS Cream. After applying SS Cream on your skin, use SS Lotion whenever you need additional moisture on your skin. Indulge your skin with SS Lotion. Extra moisture retention for points of concern.

  • Benefits

    • Increase Skin Cell Turnover: Recover damaged skin cells (by ultraviolet ray, internal and/or external damage, hormone imbalance) to renew healthy skin cells. Protect turnover function and strengthen regeneration.
    • Prevent Damage on Skin Cell: Accelerate production of metallothionein protein, which protects skin and keeps the appropriate protein on the skin. Provide overall protection for the skin cell damage.
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