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Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz

Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz


This light-weight, invisible breathable shield offers complete protection against the harmful effects of pollution leaving skin feeling calmer and looking healthier. 

  • Details

    This light-weight, invisible, breathable shield offers complete protection with a scientifically perfected blend of intelligent anti-pollution ingredients, to counteract the harmful effects of pollution, for skin that feels calm, and looks healthier.

  • How to use

    1. Evenly spritz over the face and neck throughout the day to help cool and shield skin from pollution-induced free radicals and other environmental aggressors.
    2. Can be used morning or evening, during exposure to indoor or outdoor pollutants.

    Please Note: Use only as directed. Do not decant into other containers. Store in a cool place. Close container after use. This product should be used before the date on the packaging and within 10-12 weeks after opening, unless otherwise indicated, to obtain optimum benefits.

    Important: Consult your Environ Skin Care Professional for a recommendation on which Environ products to use.

  • Benefits

    1. Invisible, breathable shield.
    2. Rebalances the effects of the skin microbiome.
    3. Protects against blue-light induced free radicals.
    4. Assists to strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental aggressors.
    5. Moisturises and supports a normalised and healthy-looking skin barrier.
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