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Art of ROYAL

Gold, as one of the earth’s most sought after minerals, is famous for its enduring strength and resiliency.

Royal Cosmetics Inc. is headquartered in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, Japan. All research and manufacturing is conducted in Yamagata prefecture, an area in the north of Japan that is famous for its clean water.

The Mogami River, located in Yamagata, is the water source for some of the most delicious Japanese sakes. Heralding from this area, our founder, Tadashi Momozono, felt that Yamagata’s clean environment was the perfect place to produce skincare products suitable for all ages and skin types.

Mr. Momozono, being attracted to the uniqueness and allure of this mineral, decided to blend it with the pure waters of Yamagata—thus creating a skincare product that is unparalleled in quality. Combining these two core elements in one bottle was the beginning of our journey, and is the foundation for all future research and quality improvements.

Royal Cosmetics is a worldwide leader in gold flake cosmetics

With over three decades of experience and 250,000 customers. Royal Cosmetics products are animal-free and halal, so our vegan and Muslim customers can rest assured. Royal Cosmetics was the first cosmetics company to receive halal certification in Japan, and we take the views of our Muslim customers seriously.

Royal Cosmetics research into the finest ingredients has led to the development of balanced formulas that create healthy skin conditions in a wide range of people—helping them experience an increase in confidence and positive emotions.

Experience the power of pure water and gold today.



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